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dehydrated lemons and limes

Well, my dehydrator has been running nonstop for a couple weeks now...so I've got a huge variety of things done. I'm actually working on plans to turn an unused clothes closet into a pantry with shelves sized for mason jars to store all this stuff! I've even done 3 recipes so far using only dehydrated and dried goods. :)

Here's the most recent batch out of the dehydrator. This time it's lemons and limes. I washed the fruit, used a food slicer to get them cut evenly (about 1/4 inch), and dehydrated at 155 for about 24 hours until crisp.

I love having a lemon slice in my water or iced tea, but too often forget I have lemons in the fridge so they go to waste. This way they are always fresh and available :)

dehydrated lemons and limes


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Jun. 18th, 2009 03:59 am (UTC)
Oh! I meant to reply to your post ages ago and totally forgot! I'm so sorry!

Thanks for your post, your photo is so great - they remind me of stained glass windows!
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