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Dried fruit

Lately I've been on a tea kick.  To flavor my teas, I thought I would dry the hell out of some apples and lemons.  So I let them sit in the dehydrator for a few days and then the fun began.  I used a mortar and pestle to grind up the fruit, but it takes over an hour to do one lemon and even then, most of it is small chunks, not powder.  When I soak it in the tea, the chunks reconstitute and that isn't good eats.  So...suggestions on how I can powderize some dried fruit?


Cashew coconut truffles

This recipe sounds A-MA-ZING - I'd love to try it, but I don't know if we can get agave here in Australia. Heck, I'm not even too sure what it is or how you use it.

Does anyone know a suitable substitute, by any chance?

 Cashew Coconut Truffles


A delicious raw dessert, chewy nutty caramel flavor sweetened with dates and agave. You can also use the "dough" to make raw cookie dough ice cream!



2.5 cups cashews

1/2 cup fine grated coconut, separated

dash salt

2 cups dates

2 tbsp agave

1/2 tsp organic virgin coconut oil

1 tsp vanilla



   Process cashews, 1/4 cup coconut and salt until cashews are lentil-sized. Remove to separate bowl. Process dates with agave, vanilla, coconut oil and water until it forms a ball. Slowly add cashews back in and process in pulses until desired caramel consistency is formed. Roll into 24 balls, each weighing 50 grams. Roll each ball in remaining coconut. 

   Dehydrate at 115 degrees F for 6-8 hours. 

Food find!

Mom & I discovered a little produce store down the street that actually has better prices that the big-box and grocery stores! Yay!

I'm drying some Georgia peaches and Strawberries right now. Yay for fruit!


I was pondering how avocado would go in the dehydrator - because of its fat content I imagine it would be a bit weird.
However, out of curiosity, I googled it and came up with a couple of interesting recipes that might be worth trying.

This one is for avocado fries. You only use the food dehydrator for an hour or so, so it's not dried avocado per se - but an interesting use of the food dehydrator nonetheless:

And this is a recipe for avocado "jerky" - or as it's also called, Jeremy Safron's jamaican spice cubes.

Raw red pizza with avocado slices

All rather intriguing, I must say - though I also did come across a comment that dehydrated avocado is nasty - but I think it was put in overnight. Maybe that was the problem?



Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a good dehydrator that will get me through a good amount of summer produce so I can have some for the coming fall and winter. I live in an apartment and my kitchen's fairly small, so I'm looking for something I can actually put into the cabinets. Also, I'd like there to be a thermostat (for raw eats), and a timer. Any recommendations?

Also- how do you, personally, preserve produce for fall through winter? Canning seems like a big pain for an apartment dweller, but I love tomatoes in the winter for stews etc. Any tips/recommendations for produce storing?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm just copying and pasting the info. Wasn't my post originally, but I got permission to re-post it here.


I blended up the long orange peels I've been saving and drying, into powder. Then I added cornstarch and put it in my two baby powder containers. Now I have powder again.

I guess if I had added more orange peel it would have been better. There is too much cornstarch.

Last time I did it, I powdered up some calendula leaves and mixed them with the cornstarch. I think it was two to one that time. This time it was about ten to one. or five to one.

dehydrated lemons and limes

Well, my dehydrator has been running nonstop for a couple weeks now...so I've got a huge variety of things done. I'm actually working on plans to turn an unused clothes closet into a pantry with shelves sized for mason jars to store all this stuff! I've even done 3 recipes so far using only dehydrated and dried goods. :)

Here's the most recent batch out of the dehydrator. This time it's lemons and limes. I washed the fruit, used a food slicer to get them cut evenly (about 1/4 inch), and dehydrated at 155 for about 24 hours until crisp.

I love having a lemon slice in my water or iced tea, but too often forget I have lemons in the fridge so they go to waste. This way they are always fresh and available :)

dehydrated lemons and limes

dehydrated spaghetti sauce

I'm so excited about how the Aldis spaghetti sauce same out! This is one jars worth of sauce. Half is shown as hard chips, the other half I vitamixed into 1/3 cup of powder :) It took almost 48 hours of dehydrating at 155 to get it dry enough to powder, but I'm really tickled with this "spaghetti sauce bullion" I got as a result.

Off to finish powdering the other 5 jars!

spaghetti sauce powder and leather
This is the first dinner I've made from my dehydrated food, and it turned out wonderfully.

It's the Cream of Broccoli soup recipe from dehydrate2store's 6th video on dehydrating and cooking with dehydrated food. She doesn't have amounts for the dehydrated carrots, onions, and broccoli...so I just tried to make my 2 cup measuring cup look like hers. She doesn't seem to be big on seasonings, but it needed a little something. I just added garlic salt and pepper.

PS It just looks all bubbly because I threw it in the Vitamix to blend.

I'm really bad at estimating measurements, but I'll try:

4.5 cups water
1 cup dry milk
1.5 cups dehydrated broccoli
1 tbsp dehydrated onions
1/8 cup dehydrated carrots